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CMS Mission Statement

In a safe, positive environment, all students will be challenged in the learning process by a staff that empowers independent thinkers and prepares them for high school and the global community.


Cucamonga Middle School Staff 2018-2019

If you need to get in touch with an employee who does not have an email account, please call the office at (909) 987-1788.


Allan Morales -Principal

Charles Boulden -Assistant Principal

Tiffani Greenlee -School Counselor

Megan Robledo -School Counselor


Teachers Alphabetical By Last Name

Amanda Alfieri, Math 7, AVID 7/8

Rebecca Bogle (Sangsland), RSP LA8, ELA 7 Collab, ELA 8 Collab, Skills 7

Catherine Brannum, Science 7, MESA 7

Jasmina Brio,  RSP Math 7/8, Skills 8, Math 7/8 Collab.

Travis Bruton, Pride PE, Physical Education 6/7/8

Tobi Cavazos, Adv. Math 7 , Math Lab 7, Social Studies 7

Alissa Cole, Physical Education 6/7/8, Sports Medicine

Michelle Conte, Language Arts 6, Social Studies 6, Drama

Berta Cricks, Language Arts 7/8

Christina Espinoza, Language Arts 8, Social Studies 8, ELD 7/8

Alyssa Flemington, Language Arts 6 RSP, Math 6 RSP, Math 6 Collab, Skills 6

Cari Gibson, Language Arts 6, Language Arts 6 GATE, Social Studies 6, AVID 6

Natalie Gleason (Rouhana), Science 6, Math 6, Math Lab 6, Adv. Math 6

Tina Gott, Language Arts 6 GATE, Social Studies 6, Leadership/ROAR

Stacy Heath, Language Arts 7

Jason Karner, Math 8, Math 8 Collab., Integrated 1

Julie Lamp (Aguirre) , Science 8, Mesa 8

Janet Lipp, SDC Language Arts 6/7/8, SDC Social Studies 6/7/8

Marlyn Martinez, Math 6, Science 6, ELD 6

Margaret Meltreger, Math/Science 6, Math 6 Collab., AVID 6/7

Jeff Misawa, Social Studies 7/8

Karen Mizerak, Band 6/7/8, Orchestra

Shelly Morse, Language Arts 6, ELA 6 Collab, Social Studies 6, Leadership ASB

Rebecca Mullen, Math 7, Science 7

Paul Myers, Social Studies 8, Computers 6/7/8, Digital Video 7/8, Multi Media 6/7/8

Rebecca Neal, Science 8

Terry Ross, Science7, Social Studies 7

Jamie Ruebsamen, Math 6, Science 6, Avid Awareness 6

Christina Trigueros, Language Arts 8, Language Arts 8 GATE, Reading Lab 6/7/8

Amy Trudeau, Social Studies 7, History of Success 6/7/8

Michell Vallejo, Physical Education 6/7/8

Marsena Vandergrift, Language Arts 8, Language Arts 8 GATE, Language Arts 8 Collab., Social Studies 8

Dorothy Vicente, SDC Math 6/7/8, SDC Science 6/7/8

Daniel Vigil (D.J.), Physical Education 6/7/8, Personal Wellness

Cali Yu, Math 8

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Stefani Henderson  -Office Manager

Tricia Swift Buggle  -PCI Coordinator

Gina Loring  -Library Media Tech

Lizzie Rubidoux  -Typist Clerk I

Courtney VanStockum  -Typist Clerk II

Cindy Vazquez  -Health Clerk


Instructional Aides

Lula Bonilla  -RSP/SDC

Tina Capacete  -RSP

Sandra Casas  -ELD

Debbie Odom  -SDC

Nasrin Shishehgar  -RSP/SDC

Adrianna Telon  -RSP/SDC

Cindy Villaescusa  -P.E.

Donnie Abair  -P.E.


Food Service

Lupe (Bebe) Avalos

Frances Coker

Patsy Franco

JoAnn Gomez

Edna Lawton



Nestor Vasquez  -full-time

Lupe Vasquez  -full-time

Joe Vislay  -full-time



Mitzy Acevedo

Diane Hangca

Lizette Gallegos


Teen Central

Lisa Carter  -Teen Central Manager

Tobi Cavazos  -Bookkeeper