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CMS After-School Sports

We will be participating in a sports league with Ruth Musser Middle School and Rancho Cucamonga Middle School to offer girls and boys soccer in the fall, co-ed volleyball and girls and boys basketball in the winter and girls and boys track in the spring! We look forward to having sports at CMS! Students must be eligible to participate in sports using the criteria below:

(1) GPA of less than 2.5                                                                                 

(2) 30 or more demerits

Students must meet all school obligations in order to be eligible to participate (actively or as a spectator) in activities (sports, clubs, dances, assemblies, selected field trips, end-of-the-year activities including the promotion ceremony).  Students lose eligibility for these reasons:



Congrats to the 2018 Boys and Girls teams for a great season! Both teams finished with a 3-1 record.



Congrats to the CMS Volleyball team on a great season finishing 2-2.




2019 CMS Basketball Schedule and Results

*** All games at start at 3:15, 6/7 outside, 8th in Gym

2/5 vs RCMS (Boys=away, Girls = home)

2/12 vs RMMS (Boys=away, Girls= home)

2/14 vs RCMS (Boys=home, Girls=away)

2/21 vs RMMS (Boys=home, Girls=away)




Track & Field

Practices are Mon-Thurs 2:45-4:00pm. 




Information on Concussions:  English   /   Spanish

SCA  Information                     English   /   Spanish

Parent Consent Form             English   /   Spanish