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Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create a culture and climate at CMS where students feel accepted for who they are, are excited to be at school, and are proud to be a CMS cougar.


“The purpose of ASB Leadership at CMS is to create a school atmosphere where students feel safe, accepted, and welcomed. It is our goal to create a culture and climate on campus where students feel free to be who they are, take pride in themselves and their school, and enjoy participating in events on campus. We hope to build our school’s students to have a growth mindset, participate in taking control of their education with preserve and GRIT, and connect our students with the community. We are here to serve the school and community.”

R.O.A.R. (Renaissance)

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Mission Statement:

The goal of the Leadership-Renaissance class is to increase academic achievement, student motivation, and to create a culture/climate of excellence at CMS. We aim to recognize stellar grades (GPA status), amazing growth (SBAC), and involvement in school clubs, sports, activities, and contests. In addition, the ROAR crew will give props to the stand-out staff members who go above and beyond.