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From Ms. Greenlee & Mrs. Robledo

Dear Parents and Students,

As counselors at Cucamonga Middle School, we are here to help support you during your experience at CMS.   We are advocates for students and work with teachers and parents to assist students in their personal and educational growth during the exciting and turbulent middle school years.  We are here to help students understand and deal with social, behavioral and personal problems.  Peer conflicts are common in middle school and we will be of assistance to students that need help managing these conflicts. 

We are responsible for the class schedules of students and will assist teachers, parents and students with issues that may occur within the classrooms.  We and the Teachers consult and collaborate throughout the year regarding students and their needs.     We provide support to our Special Education students and will assist parents of Special Education students with IEP management.

It is exciting to see the academic, social and physical growth of our students as they blossom from sweet, little 6th graders to mature, eager for high school 8th graders! 

Parents, thank you for sending your child to CMS and entrusting us to work with your child during their middle school years.


Megan Robledo/Tiffani Greenlee

CMS Counselors