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CMS Music Department

Welcome to the CMS Music Department page!  Please check back periodically for any news or changes in our music performance and activities schedule.  Please contact the Music Director, Karen Mizerak at if you have any specific questions. 

Beginning Band and Orchestra - Instrument loan forms will be accepted on Tuesday 8/20.  CMS instruments will be issued beginning on Wednesday, 8/21.  We will begin basic setup training on Thursday and Friday.  Students should have all materials by Tuesday 8/27, and we will begin playing instruments as a class on that date.

CMS Music Department Goal
Department goal is for music education and love of music in our kids
Music Calendar for 19-20 school year

Beginning Band Percussion Tryouts-after school Wednesday 8/21


Beginning Band Percussion Tryouts will be after school on Wednesday 8/21.  They will be 1 student at a time, beginning at 2:45.  Students can leave once they are finished with their audition. Auditions will be taken on a first come, first finished basis.  Audition includes: playing on snare drum a basic rhythm, and playing on bells a song from the method book.

I estimate all auditions will be completed by 3:30pm.

Beginning Band open note quiz Tuesday 8/20


On Tuesday 8/20, Students will take a small quiz on how to take care of/clean musical instruments. This quiz is OPEN NOTE and students can use what notes they have to answer the quiz questions.  Their class notes and quiz are due at the same time.

Intermediate Playing Test on 8/29


Intermediate band will have their first playing test of the year on 8/29.  It will be the concert E-flat scale, memorized.  Please encourage your child to practice their instrument daily for at least 20 minutes.  Grade will be based on notes, rhythm, tone quality and articulation.