CMS Mission Statement

In a safe, positive environment, all students will be challenged in the learning process by a staff that empowers independent thinkers and prepares them for high school and the global community

Below are the classified members of the CMS staff.  If you need to get in touch with an employee who does not have an email account, please call the office at (909) 987-1788.


Stefani Henderson                    Office Manager

Tricia Swift Buggle                    Parent Community Involvement Coordinator

Gina Loring                               Library Media Tech

Lizzie Rubidoux                        Typist Clerk I

Courtney VanStockum              Typist Clerk II

Cindy Vazquez                          Health Clerk



Lula Bonilla                  RSP/SDC

Tina Capacete             RSP

Sandra Casas             ELD

Debbie Odom              SDC

Nasrin Shishehgar      RSP/SDC

Adrianna Telon           RSP/SDC

Cindy Villaescusa       P.E.

Donnie Abair               P.E.



Lupe (Bebe) Avalos

Frances Coker

Patsy Franco

JoAnn Gomez

Edna Lawton



Nestor Vasquez      full-time

Lupe Vasquez         full-time

Joe Vislay               full-time



Mitzy Acevedo

Diane Hangca

Lizette Gallegos




Lisa Carter          Teen Central Manager

Tobi Cavazos          Bookkeeper

Cucamonga Middle School Staff 2018-2019

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Allan Morales, Principal

Charles Boulden, Assistant Principal

Tiffani Greenlee, School Counselor

Megan Robledo, School Counselor



Teachers Alphabetical By Last Name


Amanda Alfieri, Math 7, AVID 7/8

Rebecca Bogle (Sangsland), RSP LA8, ELA 7 Collab, ELA 8 Collab, Skills 7

Catherine Brannum, Science 7, MESA 7

Jasmina Brio,  RSP Math 7/8, Skills 8, Math 7/8 Collab.

Travis Bruton, Pride PE, Physical Education 6/7/8

Tobi Cavazos, Adv. Math 7 , Math Lab 7, Social Studies 7

Alissa Cole, Physical Education 6/7/8, Sports Medicine

Michelle Conte, Language Arts 6, Social Studies 6, Drama

Berta Cricks, Language Arts 7/8

Christina Espinoza, Language Arts 8, Social Studies 8, ELD 7/8

Alyssa Flemington, Language Arts 6 RSP, Math 6 RSP, Math 6 Collab, Skills 6

Cari Gibson, Language Arts 6, Language Arts 6 GATE, Social Studies 6, AVID 6

Natalie Gleason (Rouhana), Science 6, Math 6, Math Lab 6, Adv. Math 6

Tina Gott, Language Arts 6 GATE, Social Studies 6, Leadership/ROAR

Stacy Heath, Language Arts 7

Jason Karner, Math 8, Math 8 Collab., Integrated 1

Julie Lamp (Aguirre) , Science 8, Mesa 8

Janet Lipp, SDC Language Arts 6/7/8, SDC Social Studies 6/7/8

Marlyn Martinez, Math 6, Science 6, ELD 6

Margaret Meltreger, Math/Science 6, Math 6 Collab., AVID 6/7

Jeff Misawa, Social Studies 7/8

Karen Mizerak, Band 6/7/8, Orchestra

Shelly Morse, Language Arts 6, ELA 6 Collab, Social Studies 6, Leadership ASB

Rebecca Mullen, Math 7, Science 7

Paul Myers, Social Studies 8, Computers 6/7/8, Digital Video 7/8, Multi Media 6/7/8

Rebecca Neal, Science 8

Terry Ross, Science7, Social Studies 7

Jamie Ruebsamen, Math 6, Science 6, Avid Awareness 6

Christina Trigueros, Language Arts 8, Language Arts 8 GATE, Reading Lab 6/7/8

Amy Trudeau, Social Studies 7, History of Success 6/7/8

Michell Vallejo, Physical Education 6/7/8

Marsena Vandergrift, Language Arts 8, Language Arts 8 GATE, Language Arts 8 Collab., Social Studies 8

Dorothy Vicente, SDC Math 6/7/8, SDC Science 6/7/8

Daniel Vigil (D.J.), Physical Education 6/7/8, Personal Wellness

Cali Yu, Math 8