Renaissance Early Lunch Dismissal Days

Beat the lunch lines!


Diamond Status is dismissed 5 minutes early to lunch everyday

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Status are dismissed 3 minutes early


Diamond (4.0 x 3 for a school year) Everyday!

Platinum (4.0 x 2)    Monday-Thursday

Gold (4.0)                 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Silver(3.9 – 3.5)      Tuesday and Thursday

Bronze (3.4 – 3.0)   Wednesday




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Renaissance is a national program that has been around for years.  It began in South Carolina as a way to recognize the achievements of outstanding students and staff members who make a difference and includes the community in celebrating them.  The concept is one that embraces hard work, significant academic achievement and improvement, good citizenship and volunteerism.  The criterion for Renaissance is three-fold:  a 3.0 or higher G.P.A., work habits and citizenship of Satisfactory or Outstanding from all teachers, and good attendance.   We are very proud to state that consistently more than half of CMS students meet these criteria. 

We reward these students with prizes and activities throughout the school year.  A.S.B. has supported our efforts in the past and continues to do so.  However, because of state budget cuts, we need to raise a large proportion of this money through fundraisers. One of the committee’s greatest desires is to get local businesses and community members more involved. While some progress has been made in gaining the support of our local businesses, we have great plans ahead and there is still more to be done. Local businesses working with us so far include: Chili’s, Chick-Fil-A, Laser Island, Deer Creek Bowling Alley, Fiesta Village, Rubio's, Applebee's, Islands, Famous Dave’s and Progressive Printing. Renaissance is a school wide effort and our Renaissance Committee  consists of Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Gott, Ms. Grady, Ms. Greenlee, Mrs. Loring, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Perales, Mrs. Tincknell, Ms. Vandergrift, Dr. Vass and our parent volunteer coordinator, Tricia Swift Buggle.  They have dedicated their time and energy to get this program off the ground and would love your assistance.  If you would like to support our efforts please contact Tricia Swift Buggle.

CMS Renaissance T-shirt 16/17 designed by Taylor

CMS Renaissance T-shirt 16/17
Renaissance Cougar New Logo

Thank you, RC Fire

Thank you, RC Fire

Renaissance Pancake Breakfast

Renaissance Pancake Breakfast

Renaissance Pancake Breakfast!

Renaissance Pancake Breakfast!