CMS Mission Statement

In a safe, positive environment, all students will be challenged in the learning process by a staff that empowers independent thinkers and prepares them for high school and the global community

From Mr. Morales

Dear Cucamonga Middle School Community,

As the principal of CMS, I want to welcome everyone to the 2016-2017 school year. I’m looking forward to a rewarding and exciting school year. CMS has a long tradition of excellence. I know staff has been working hard over the summer to ensure that every student has the best experience possible this year. This summer I found myself reflecting on the start of the new school year, and I found myself thinking of what that means in my household. I have two kids, and I tried to see it from their perspective. There is excitement about seeing friends, teachers and new opportunities. There is dread about not being able to sleep in, homework and being able to attain the levels of achievement they desire. I have watched over the years how they have grown and changed. I am proud of who they are and look forward to seeing who they will become in the future. I know it is much the same for many of you as I talk to parents. We want our kids to grow to be independent, hard work working and successful. Yet, we want to hold on to them for just a bit longer because we know one day they will be gone and on their own. So to all of our CMS families, here is what I would like you to know.


  • We are really excited to have your students be a part of CMS family.
  • We view it as our mission to try and meet the need of all our students.
  • We believe in providing classes that have a high level of rigor and challenge. Your kids should be coming home tired.
  • We believe that we should help every student be successful. They should come home knowing they have been challenged that day, have worked hard, but were supported through outstanding academic instruction, timely feedback and caring staff.
  • Your students should know what is expected of them, the things they need to know in order to be successful, and they know where they are in their learning process.

Our goal is that all of our students be engaged in the learning process. We hope that they find their classes engaging, dynamic and help them make real world connections to their learning. All these things are not possible without you. We hope to partner with you to make this the most amazing year ever in your student’s education. Please stop by the office and see our Parent Coordinator, Tricia Swift-Buggle, for ways you might get involved or donate. I look forward to meeting you and talking with you this year.

Mr. Morales