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New Additions to CMS

By Erik Hallback

Here at CMS, some of our teachers have had their hands full with their new babies! Two of CMS’ very own teachers have had children recently, and we would like to commemorate them both as teachers, and as new mothers.

On June 2, 2011 at 6:20pm, Aiden Jay Perales was born weighing in at 5 pounds 6 ounces. Mrs. Perales, who will return from maternity leave the first week of October, says; “I look forward to meeting my students. It will be hard to leave my baby, but I love being a math teacher and I can’t wait to be back in the classroom.” Mrs. Perales is coming back to school on October 3rd, 2011.

Mrs. Perales wasn’t the only teacher to become a new mother; Mrs. Vandergrift also had a baby.  She gave birth to her son Seth Martin on July 11, 2011. He now weighs 8lbs. 4oz. and is a happy little boy.  Mrs. Vandergrift says that she’s happy to start the school year and meet her amazing 8th graders. Our incredible teachers are very proud of their new babies and we are happy to welcome them to the CMS family. 

Baby Aiden Perales in his newborn photo


The New Track in Progress

The New Track in Progress

Are You Ready to Run?

By Martin Maier

The track on the bottom field is going to be a big installment to CMS. Construction started over the summer and should be completed by early October. Everyone here can’t wait for it to open! The track includes everything a track runner needs:  the track, the field, the soccer goals, and an improved long jump area that happens to be much safer than the first!

“It’s fabulous, it’s better than I imagined, it completes the whole P.E. program!” Ms. Zellers exclaimed, “The track is now a true 440. It’s more leveled and it will be great for track clinic.  The long jump is going to be better too.” She also said that the track could be better if they included a shot-put area because we do have shot-puts, but there is no area to have it except the field. It’s just better than ever.

NEF, the company building the track right now, is working hard and long to finish and perfect the track. They also took down the old soccer goals and inserted new ones to make the soccer games for the PE curriculum and soccer clinics coming up better. The track should motivate students to run faster because it gives them a flatter track and it’s easier for them, so they can set their own personal records.

 The track is going to make our school better for our generation and the next and the next. CMS-are you ready to run?





CMS Shout Outs

By Sienna Chavira

Have you ever wanted to say “hi” to someone in a new way? Do you want to surprise someone by telling them Happy Birthday? Or, would you like to give someone props on something they did? Well, now we you can!  The new shout outs column allows students and teachers to say good things to people. All you have to do is this:   



What your shout out is about:

Who your shout out is for:  

 Then, you can take it to Room 240, or there is a box labeled “SHOUTS OUTS” in the library, or you can email it to I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say.

Cougar Vogue

 By Sarah Smith

 Hey, hey, hey! This is fashion news bringing the fashion world to you!

Celebrity news:

Three cheers for Lily Collins, who has been making the best of her career by appearing in many places at once.   You may have seen her in the new movie, Abduction with that hottie Taylor Launtner. She’s also been spotted in teen vogue a few times. Lily Collins has also gotten some of her pictures in fashion week! Lucky duck!

Fashion news:

Missoni, a brand for the Target chain, has a new fashion trend; zig- zag stripes. It’s been selling like crazy. The design is mostly on knit clothing, but there are other things that they put it on too: plates, sheets, silverware, etc. There’s even a little zig-zag on some of the infant supplies. People actually fought over the design in the store! Zig- zag fever has spread fast!

Are you a little monster?  We all know Lady Gaga is a big crazed fashion champ, like that tasty meat dress! Well, her little sister is trying to make a legacy of her own, as a fashion designer!  Her style is a little bit more simple than her sisters, but the clothes are adorable none the less. Look out for any of her clothes. Good luck little sis!!

Fashion advice:

Want to spark up your style to stand out? Put a unique touch to your style? What are you going for? There’s the rebel look, the flowy elegant, preppy, hippie, and there’s also a hip-hop look that you can put in. Change your style every once in a while! You can also add an accessory that people can remember you by, like a tutu, a fabulous headband, a crazy cool hairdo, etc. Yeah, you can put an outfit together the way the fashion designer wants you to, but also put it together the way you like it!

 I’m not an expert, but hopefully I helped you out! I’ll be back with more news and advice! Be a fashionista!


Newspaper-Oct. 2011

Mrs. Gibson Using Her Smart Board

Smart Board in Use

Smart Boards Invade CMS

By Aileen Perez and Mya-Lin Lewis

Smart Boards are the new technological tools for our school, and are proved to be effective in learning. We received nine of them at the beginning of this year, but Mrs. Johnson got hers last year as a pilot. This year she was offered the important job of Technology Teacher on Assignment, and has two periods a day to help the other nine teachers with Smart Boards.

Smart Boards can be used in a variety of ways, such as: a document camera to show an image, or to create interactive lessons, and the teachers can use visual and oratory examples on the Smart Board to help those types of learners. It makes the learning easier to understand and makes the real life examples easier to absorb.

Smart Boards were actually invented in 1991, but our school just upgraded to version 10.8! The teachers can do a lot of cool things on the new smart boards like change the pen colors from their computers, and change the pens into colored highlighters.  All of the teachers here at CMS had a chance to apply to have a Smart Board, but some didn’t apply because the training for the Smart Board conflicted with their schedules. Some of the teachers applied, but didn’t get chosen to have one this year, but will most likely have one in the next year in the next phase. Teachers got chosen for their enthusiasm for new things, leadership, and technical knowledge. There is one downside though, which is having all of the teachers revise and recreate all of their lessons into the Smart Board, but teachers say it’s worth all of the extra work.

Mrs. Gott says that her “Summer school leadership and dorky enthusiasm” helped her get picked (to have a Smart Board) while Mrs. Johnson applied three years ago to be Tech Lead, and was offered the job. She spent 2009-2010 researching different companies and going to different schools to see their set ups, and in 2010-2011 she got the first Smart Board at CMS! She spent the year figuring out how the Smart Board works and the things that goes along with it.

 Mr. Beitler, Mrs. Perales’s long-term guest teacher, says that the Smart Board has “great technology, not for just teachers, but for students too, keeping them engaged in class and learning.” 6th Graders, Tyra Blake, Caleb Catuara, Sarah Campbell, and Chance Manning were asked the question: “Is it easier and more fun to learn with the Smart Board than without and what do you think of it?” Tyra stated “It’s cool, it helps us get a better understanding, and yes, because it’s better than a regular whiteboard and Expo markers, no smell! Caleb Catuara stated “Yes, because we’re in the technology age, and it’s better than a white board and it has many different features.”  Sarah Campbell agrees, “Yes, it’s more fun, it does many things, and it’s fun to draw pictures on it!” Last of all, Chance Manning reports, “Yes, it’s more exciting and it gets the job done.

 7th graders Carly Cruz, Elizabeth Corrales, Tyler Risher, and Peter Dual were asked the same questions, along with if they’d like to learn more with the Smart Board. They said that it helps you learn better because you can see and learn things better visually and orally, and helps the teachers because it makes it easier for them to teach. Nathan Sandoval from our staff says that “We’re in the future.”8th graders John Bernabe, Jessica Cota, Anthony Fernandez, and Anessa Sosa say that it’s a great advancement in technology and has many great features, and they think that the new tech lab is great and it’s cool because we have so many computers.

Kids having fun at the STAR dance

Kids having fun at the STAR dance

The 2011 STAR Dance

By Sienna Chavira and Sarah Smith

On September 9th, 7th and 8th graders went to the Nalbach building for the STAR dance. These special people went to the dance because they rose their CST scores by 20 points or more. The STAR dance was out of this world! Or, so the people that went to the dance thought. The best thing that happened was when everybody got on their feet and started dancing to “Cha Cha Slide.” Let’s not forget the YMCA, everybody now! Y-M-C-A! No, not working for you?  Some people thought the dance was fun. Some people thought it wasn’t so fun. Well, let’s see our comments from three party- goers.    “No hard feelings but, I think it could’ve been better. I really missed the D.J. and strobe lights!!! I loved last year better, ” said 7th grader Mya- Lin Lewis.

Eighth grader Mariah Hayes reported, “I loved this year’s dance, it was pretty good. It was interesting and we were really just messing around having fun.”

“It was fun, but to be honest with you, I wish there was food,” said 8th grade ASB President Jon Bernabe.

In conclusion, congratulations to the people that went to the dance!!!


Interview With Mr. Koenig

By Corey Catuara & Zach Arretche-Ramos

Mr. Koenig has been working nonstop, planning, arranging, and thinking to keep our school greater. He is currently pushing ahead on the great construction of the track.He is the mastermind behind our great teachers, picking only the best for our students. Each pressured decision he makes deeply affects CMS for years, yet he does a great job. In this article, we will feature an exclusive interview with the man in charge, Mr. Koenig.                                             

Mr. Koenig said he wanted to become principal because when he was a teacher, the principal was great and that really inspired him to go into administrating. He has been here since 1989 and on the subject of improvement from then until now he says, “Over the years CMS has advanced in safety, student performance, and overall goodness.”

Mr. Koenig thinks that the best part about being principal is working with students in and outside of class. The bad part, however, is dealing  with the budget. Of course, he also only hires the best and most qualified teachers that he knows the students will appreciate.

Mr. Koenig plans to bring more technology along with more smart boards, document cameras, and responders.  Students agree that technology “makes school more interesting.”

Sports will return when all schools in the league are funded. In fact, Mr. Koenig predicts that in ten years, CMS will be a state demonstration of proper physical education and sports programs.

He enjoys working with students and staff and loves the school and faculty.  He predicts that in twenty years, students will come back, successful in both work and general life.

Mr. Koenig has been here for CMS and made the school into a great place. He deserves a big thanks for making this school the best of the best.

Hawaiian Spirit

Hawaiian Spirit

Hawaii Five-0

By: Raylene Gonzalez and Kayla Clevenger

 Hawaii five-0 is an event that CMS is holding to promote and award perfect attendance. It started the first day of school, August 8th, and will end October 18th. If you are here and on time the first 50 days then you are able to go to our school luau, and you will also be entered in a drawing for an Ipad. Other rewards for perfect attendance are also given out each month. You may get a certificate for perfect attendance and selected students from every grade will be able to invite a friend to go to a special lunch. So far 611 kids have perfect attendance so keep up the good work!


Spotlight on Mrs. Moffett

By Ashelei Gottuso

As you may know, Cucamonga Middle School is home to many teachers and students. However we are expanding the CMS family by having new kids come to the school as well as new teachers, and Mrs. Moffett just so happens to be one of those teachers.

Mrs. Moffett started teaching sixth grade algebra at Yucaipa Park View Middle School when she was only twenty-one. After that, she went on to work for the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools for five years as a Curriculum Specialist in Mathematics. That was all before coming to CMS; now she works as our very own sixth and seventh grade math teacher.

By working here she wishes to change the view that students have on math. “I hope students will learn to appreciate mathematics and see patterns in the world they live in.” Over all Mrs. Moffett loves CMS. For the most part she feels that her students do the best they can on their schoolwork, homework, and ask very good questions. However she wishes that all of her students would ask for help and come and get the help when they feel they need it.

Mrs. Moffett says that she joined CMS because, “It is a great place to be! The teachers are wonderful and care deeply about their students succeeding. The administration is supportive and works with teachers to create a positive learning environment. The students are awesome! I love it here!” She says that her favorite part of working here is the kids, “I love teaching students to love mathematics and see that it really does make sense.”

Mrs. Moffett wants to ensure that her students understand math, and according to her students she is doing a fantastic job. The Cucamonga Middle School family welcomes Mrs. Moffett and her knowledge. She enjoys teaching here, and students enjoy having her. Welcome to the family Mrs. Moffett!

McDonald Pic.JPG

Spotlight on Mrs. McDonald

By Ashelei Gottuso

Like Mrs. Moffett, Mrs. McDonald is a new addition to the CMS family. She began teaching in January of 2003 at Hohokam Middle School in Tucson, Arizona. It wasn’t known as the best or richest school around, but she loved working with the kids. “I went in the middle of the year and had such a hard time that I almost quit to do something else!” she says. “But I’m glad I didn’t.”

Before she even started teaching, Mrs. McDonald spent a few years in college. “I had a blast in college! I made many long-lasting friendships, and even met my husband! It was also a lot of hard work and responsibility, but it was totally worth it!” Without college, Mrs. McDonald wouldn’t be where she is now, and she wouldn’t be working here at CMS.

Mrs. McDonald moved with her husband to Rancho after he got a job in January of 2010. “I knew that I wanted to go back to work, so when I saw this job, I jumped at the chance. I really wanted to work here, knowing how great the teachers and kids are!” Now she is working as a science teacher here at CMS.

By teaching here she wants to teach her students to learn that they can solve problems on their own, and sometimes it’s not about getting the right answer, but that they understand the process. “I want to make a difference in student’s lives,” and she is doing quite a good job with that. Mrs. McDonald loves working at CMS, “The students brighten my day, every day!” Welcome to the CMS family Mrs. McDonald!


First Impressions of CMS

By Audrey Smith

Cucamonga Middle School is home to many students, and every year there are many sixth graders who come here to start the next chapter in their lives. As a CMS family, we always want to make sure they are welcome. Here are some of their first impressions of the school.

 “My first impression of the school was how big it is. It’s nothing like elementary school. I also think the teachers are nice and I like how we are learning new things” – Karina Aguilar

“My first impression of the school was how big it was. I was very nervous and had so many unanswered questions about middle school” –Raymond Benarids

“When I first entered the school I thought it was so big but I saw all my friends” – Sammie Moore

“I didn’t find Elementary anything like middle school so I was pretty nervous, but so far I’m having a lot of fun” –Paulina Dumas

“My first impression was that the school was okay. I hope I like it more as the year goes on though” –Faith Devals

            It appears that a majority of the new sixth graders like CMS! Let’s keep up the good work and warm welcomes.

Kids' Hidden Talents at CMS

by Nathan Sandoval and Mariah Hayes


 We may not be aware of it, but C.M.S. has super kids who have super talents.  7thgraders, Andrew Jarmin and Michael Mariano are pro dancers. You may have seen them breakdancing at The Star dance, at lunch, or in the morning. Both of their talents were passed on through out their families.  They like dancing because of all the awesome moves they do. They must be really flexible. Michael simply enjoys dancing because it’s fun for him, while Andrew enjoys the excitement of the crowd, as well as the eye-catching spins he does. They both would like to be in a dancing crew someday. Maybe you’ll see them on A.B.D.C. (America’s Best Dance Crew).

   7thgrader  Kyle Hangca is very athletic, a great artist, and very smart. Kyle is mainly known for his drawings.Miranda Hayes is a naturally talented eighth grader. She sings and loves music so much; she’s in the Symphonic band program! From a very young age, she would sing every song she heard, and I should know. She loves that music can cheer her up no matter how she is feeling. She tells staff members of The Cougar Claw, “If I could change anything about myself, for the benefit of my talent, I would love to get contacts.” Yet when she is older, she aspires to make her talent an aspect in her career.

  8thgrader, Keely Mailo is a natural at singing. She is really gifted at singing that she thinks she doesn’t need to change. She tells Cougar Claw,“The feeling I get when I sing is unbelievable." She would like to be a famous singer as a job when she’s older. Maybe you’ll hear her on the radio. There are a lot of talented kids here at C.M.S. Just remember, If you have talent, keep practicing it and maybe it’ll get you through life.


by Carrie Luna and Genny Ramirez

Have you ever wondered what the CMS leadership class is up to? They are a very productive elective class and they’re planning some really fun events for this year. We interviewed some of the kids about upcoming activities and they shared some of their plans.

Jon Bernabe, the president of ASB, told us that in the month of September they’re going to do “Fun spirit activities that include drawing contests and blindfolding games.” Kyleigh Marquez and Martin Ronquillo like being in this elective because it’s very fun! “The next Renaissance rally is October 7th,” says Kobe Contreras.  CMS is very excited to see what ASB is planning for the 2011-2012 school year!

The Memorial at Ground Zero

The 9/11 Memorial

Remembering 911

By Kayla Smith

Do you remember this treacherous day?

On 9/11/2001 a horrific event happened.  Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center   (A.K.A.the Twin Towers  ).   Not only that, another plane crashed into the Pentagon.  One other plane, believed to be heading to the White House or Capital Building, crashed in Pennsylvania.  The most tragic crash site was the Twin Towers though.  Over 2603 people died that day and 24 still remain missing.  At the Pentagon, 125 people died including 55 military personnel.  On the four planes 246 innocent people died without a say.  Over 90 countries lost people in this horrific day.     

 Over the horrible years of this destruction, the city council has been trying to decide on what to do with the destroyed ground zero.  After the hard decision they finally decided to make this site a memorial.  The memorial is still getting worked on today.  There will be a museum of all the people who had died and their own information about themselves.  This museum will probably be a world-wide attraction after the project is complete.  This day is a horrible day to remember, but we must not forget the history of the world as life goes on.