Clubs and Electives


Below is a planned schedule of clubs for the 2017-2018 school year. 

These are subject to change.


Reading Rocks Cafe Book Club (Loring)- Meets twice a month at lunch in the Cougar Den.

The Reading Rocks Café Book Club started in October 2000 to show students that reading can be fun!  We meet every other Wednesday in the library.  It’s the only time the students are allowed to eat in the library, a VERY special privilege to have.  There are eligibility requirements that must be met.


Young adult literature has evolved over the last few years to bring in more current topics to attract more readers.  There has also been a resurgence of “older” books, like LORD OF THE RINGS. 


          We rely on our students and their families, along with our staff, to support our Book Club with their purchases through our book fairs.  There are 2 book fairs held each year.  The profit from these fairs is kept on account at Scholastic Books.  We then use our profit to buy books and sell them, at $1.00 each—no matter what the cost of the book—to our Club members.  The students are given 2 weeks to finish the book.  At our next meeting, we have lively discussions about the books.


Fit Club (Ross & Loring)- Meets Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 6:30am-7:15am.

Fit Club is a program that encourages students to stay active and promotes healthy lifestyle choices. Students learn to cook healthy recipes monthly.

Fit Club Mission Statement:

CMS FitClub is committed to improving the lifestyles of its students and staff by encouraging exercising each day along with healthy food choices to maintain wellness throughout their lives.


Geocaching Club- Mr. Myers in Room 237.


3D Printing Club- (Aguirre)

Using computer assisted design to create cool 3D objects.


Cougar Culinary Club (Triple C) (Loring, Espinoza and Swift-Buggle)- Wednesdays 2:50-3:30 in Room 8

Teach students about cooking, healthy eating/choices and life beyond sandwiches, fast food and top ramin.


What I’ll learn:

  • Savory vs. Sweet
  • Food Hacks
  • Healthy Recipes – creating a complete dish – protein, vegetable, starch
  • Vegan Dishes
  • Gluten Free
  • Low-Carb options
  • Kitchen Safety



Musical Theater- Ms. Conte in Room 127


a program that provides CMS students exposure in the art and production of live musical theatre.  This year the club is performing its first full length Broadway musical, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  The club currently has 52 student cast and crew members. Rehearsals are on Mondays & Fridays and are directed by Audrey Conte and Daniel Imsen.  Both Audrey and Daniel are current members of the world renowned Citrus Singers and both are former CMS students.  You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown will have 2 performances at the beginning of April.





MESA Elective Class- Aguirre / Brannum

Building and competing in engineering challenges


Digital Video- Myers


Multi-Media- Myers


Personal Wellness- Vigil


Leadership A.S.B.- Morse


Leadership R.O.A.R- Gott


Band- Mizerak


Orchestra- Mizerak


Sports Medicine- Cole


History of Success- Trudeau


Drama- Conte

The Drama Elective Class was established to further expand the CMS Performing Arts Program.  All the students in the class are involved in this year’s production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  The students learn all aspects of live theatre from acting to costumes, lights, sets, sound, and much more.  The backstage and technical part of the Charlie Brown production will be ran by the drama students.