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Disney Shuts Down

By: Joy Jweid and Tucker Kraushaar
Every child grows up loving the world of Disney! But the next generation won't experience the magic.
Disney announced on March 27th that it will officially shut down their legendary company that was all
started by Walt Disney in 1929. The news broke the hearts of many Disney lovers, even taking the
media by storm that week. Disney is a company who is known for their entertaining movies and fun
experiences. Who would think that such a magical and entertaining company would close its doors after great success?
Due to the decline of ticket sales at their parks, Disney was unable to build new rides and fun
attractions. Disney noticed less purchases as well. In fact, Disney had to close the Tower of Terror ride
to replace it with a Guardians of the Galaxy because they didn't have the money to add more space.
Disney also has seen a decline in movie sales since the release of Frozen in 2013. Sales for Disney
movies have dropped by 350 million dollars after a worldwide survey in 2014 showed that 65 percent
of people won't go see Disney movie releases because of their disappointment after seeing Frozen.
In fact, Disney Pixar was set to release a new movie, Newt, after 2012. There were even Easter Eggs in
movies such as Toy Story 3 and Brave to give clues about the upcoming movie. But the release never
happened. Newt was cancelled from being released in theaters due to huge debt.
Disney parks will slowly shut down, one by one, by destroying their rides. All parks are said to be shut
down by early 2018. Imagine the happiest place on earth gone Main Street to Tomorrowland gone!
Even Cinderella's and Sleeping Beauty's castles gone. All of Disney's television channels will come to
an end around the same time as the parks. The Disney company will be officially shut down in
November 2018.



President Trump Makes Education a Priority

By: Jason Kawecki, Julia McAleer, and Ahmari Rudolph 

President Trump has proposed a new initiative at all schools nationwide to better help students' educations. This initiative will be a learning program called Make America Bright Again. This curriculum will consist of: fun activities that are still educational and fun for the students. Trump hopes this next step will be great in making our students better prepared for the future. The activities consist of trivia quizzes that deal with the lessons and other fun projects that can go above and beyond. President Trump hopes to achieve what he wanted to achieve: helping students with their education and work habits. "The United States economy and government depend on your education and your work habits now and later," President Trump exclaims.  He hopes this initiative will give America a brighter future.  

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March Madness

By: Kenya Castillo and Leslie Hacker
March Madness is a tournament between teams of men and women to determine the national
champions of college basketball. This event is separated by three divisions and is also known
as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Basketball Tournament. March Madness
starts the second week of March (March 14th) through the first week of April (April 3rd). This
event first began in 1908, played as Illinois' statewide high‐school basketball tournament.
Sixty‐eight men's team and 64 women's teams are granted invitations to participate in this
exciting event. One of the ways fans can get involved in March Madness is participating in the
brackets which is where they guess what teams will win for a chance to win prizes. A selection
committee of university athletic directors and conference commissioners contribute in
selecting both the women and men basketball team to compete for the championship title. The
teams are chosen based on their ranking in national polis, conference records, road records,
their wins versus ranked opponents, and the way the team finishes the regular season. In
March Madness there is a statement "Final Four" which is referred to the semifinal round of
Division l. This is when there are four teams left and two games are played to determine which
of the two teams will head to the finals.
The championship game for the women is being held at the America Airlines Center on the 31st
of March and the 2nd of April. This year the final four for the women are the UCONN Huskies,
the Mississippi Bulldogs, the South Carolina Gamecocks, and the Stanford Cardinals. The
championship game for the men is being held at the Phoenix Stadium on the 1st and 3rd of
April. This year the final four are the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Oregon Ducks, Gonzaga
Bulldogs, and the North Carolina Tar Heels. The last time the South Carolina Gamecocks
participated in the final four was in 1939. The Oregon Ducks were in the final four in 1939 when
they won the tournament. The North Carolina Tar Heels were in the final four from last year,
and the Gonzaga Bulldogs are in the final four for the 1st time.


Newspaper-April 2017

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April Fool's

By: Riley Fitzsimmons and Lauren Sanchez
April 1st is the day when the World is allowed to play pranks on other people such as blowing an
airhorn at someone or telling your friend your moving schools. This day includes practical jokes,
pranks, and hoaxes. April Fools began in the 1500s and there are many theories as to how it was
invented. Some historians believe that All Fool's Day was established in France, but it could have
developed elsewhere. In France, April Fool's is called "Poisson d'Avril".
The news media and major companies sometimes get involved such as the company Twitter. One
year they said that no one would be able to use vowels in any tweets. This was a great joke and
Twitter even changed their name to Twttr for the day. Another company that played a prank was
Google. They said they would release a product called "google nose" in which you search things by
The holiday is celebrated differently all over the world. French children tape paper fish to their
friends backpacks to fool them. In England and Canada pranks are only played in the morning of April
1st. Although it has been celebrated for several centuries, it's not an official holiday. April Fool's is
coming soon, so start planning your pranks, jokes, and hoaxes; be prepared to have some fun. April
Fool's will always be on April 2nd.


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The New Vice Principal

By: Hailey Stone and Demetrius Petties 

We have a new vice principal here at Cucamonga Middle School. His name is Mr. Boulden. He said that he wanted to be our vice principal because he has always wanted to be a leader and he also wants to help students with their social and academic lives. He also wants to make a difference in students lives, and lead them into a great future ahead.  Mr. Boulden likes to go around the blacktop at lunch and before school to observe students and talk to them. He enjoys getting to know the students individually because their personalities interest him. If you can see Mr. Boulden out on campus, stop and say "hi" and welcome him to CMS. 


A Haunting at CMS

By: Sara Bahramand, Hannah Gemeny, Marian Espiritu

CMS may be more haunted than you think.

Many people have reported mysterious bright lights floating in and around Room three as students pass by. This however, is not the only location where it has been seen. People believe that these bright lights may be a ghost and are trying to track it down right now. Some also report that they even see a girl, who is not a student, walking up and down the stairs during passing period, which could be the same story. Toilets flushing by themselves have also been heard and this may be connected to this haunting.  Many people avoid using any bathrooms during school’s late hours, due to this strange occurrence.  Expert ghost hunters, like Zak Bagans, have been seen on campus with mysterious devices on hand like:  The XergisLef1-102115 v.12, Lorsohoa5, and HTmetic002 v.1.02, attempting to catch this spirit.

Staff believes that this is the spirit of Sloof Lirpa roaming about and that she wishes to get revenge on local clowns for causing her death. She has the ability to perform poltergeist-like activity and is capable of moving objects. This has been recorded on camera on numerous occasions.  This could either be an attempt to attack intruders of her territory or an attempt to communicate to witnesses about her tragic death.

 Though her soul may never rest and her motive is uncertain, Lirpa is very unlikely to use her abilities in a harmful way, as safe appears to be a neutral spirit.


Earth Day

By: Brianna Churton
On April 22, 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the very first Earth Day. It's celebrated on April
22nd because of the similar practice of Arbor Day which planted healthy new trees. The idea was
brought to the media in which the first Earth Day was made official. Earth Day was created because
Nelson was fed up with people acting careless towards earth. Bringing awareness to this issue he
wanted people to know how important earth was.
Earth Day brings communities together to celebrate the environment and how we can give back.
Groups around the world find creative ways to aid in environmental issues every Earth Day. One of
these groups is Heal the Bay, which come out every April 22nd to clean up the beaches around Santa
Monica, California. They also offer educational information on the ocean, its inhabitance, and ways
each individual can make a positive difference. Earth Day is a wonderful reminder of how fortunate
we are to live in this beautiful world, and how we must take care of it.

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Mr. Myers Retires?

By: Michelle Correa and Peyton Passwater

Mr. Myers is a 7th and 8th grade science teacher along with being a computer and Multi‐Media
teacher. Mr. Myers been teaching at CMS for 32 years. He runs a fun classroom where many kids enjoy
his teaching. We are sad to see him leave CMS. He will retire after this school year ends. We are
almost certain who will take his place, although sadly, we won't find a replacement that can teach
Multi‐Media or computers.
We will be starting a new elective which will be run by the new teacher. It's for kids who enjoy
writing. The teaching staff will now be taking care of the yearbook and the Cougar Claw newspaper
will no longer be published. Mr. Myers will be enjoying his retirement by taking a world‐wide road
trip to seek as many geocaches as he possibly can. He will then move to Hawaii to relax. We will miss
Mr. Myers very dearly.


Talent Show

By: Sariyah Oliver and Maddie Valdez

The CMS talent show for Renaissance students, took place in the Nalbach building on March 8, from
12:40 to 2:40. Many of the students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participated in the talent show. There
were 12 acts including anything from piano duets to crazy tumbling to animations. The talent show
opened up with CMS's very own Musical Theatre club. From the first act to the last the talent show
unveiled a lot of great abilities from the contestants. The judges were Ms. Johnson, Mr. Boulden, and
Ms. Parham. Mr. Myers and Jason Kawecki were the MCs of the talent show.

The winners of the talent were 3rd place Emily Hallback with her dance routine, 2nd place Zoe Ruiz for
her singing, and 1st place Timothy Islas and Jazmine Ramirez with their piano and singing duet. The
audience was quite pleased with the performances, cheering the performers on and were a very
positive audience.

First place winners Jasmine Ramirez and Timothy Islas said that they didn’t expect to win and "just
wanted to do it for fun, however it was stressful." Second place winner, Zoe Ruiz says that she was
"expecting to win because she had a lot of confidence in achieving her goals". She would compete
again if she could. Our third place winner, Emily Hallback says that she "did not expect to win because
everyone did so will it was hard to tell who would win."

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Easter Time

By: Priscila Gallardo and Aurora Santellan
Easter is a holiday celebrated by Christians on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Vernal
Equinox. Easter celebrates Jesus's resurrection from the dead. However this holiday has another side to it.
From chocolate, candy marshmallows, and eggs in baskets, Easter is known for its happy activities like
painting and hiding eggs. Easter has also brought fictional characters to life, like the Easter bunny. The Easter
eggs that the Easter bunny brings represents new life.
Christians call the week before Easter, the Holy Week. The Sunday before Easter is called Palm Sunday,
which is the day Jesus came to Jerusalem. Thursday is known as the Last Supper, or Passover, which is the day
Jesus shared a supper with his disciples. Friday is called Good Friday. Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the
cross on Mount Calvary. Easter is the day he rose from the grave. Easter is an important day for all Christian's,
but even people who aren't Christian celebrate Easter.

Basketball Picture.jpg


By: Paris Black, Shana Luu, and Emily Hallback
The CMS 2016‐2017 basketball teams worked hard and played many great games this season. The
sport is already competitive, but these players brought it to a whole new level due to their hard
work, determination, and good sportsmanship. On the 6th and 7th grade girls team was : Mehrael
Adly, Vesal Attar, Alexa Carrillo, Miranda Gomez, Sonia Hernandez, Kiana Josiah, Paige Kenely, Mireya
Rodriguez, Zoe Ruiz, Alina Stannard, Monica Torres, and Maddison Valdez. The 8th grade girls team
included: Isamar Aguilar, Alexus Bates, Leslie Hacker, Kate Hernandez, Skyler Hernandez, Madison
Madrid, Hamdah Mustafa, and Valeria Orozco. The 6th and 7th grade boys team was: Daniel Aleverez,
De'Jon Benjamin‐Little, Bishop Blakely, Reinall Maurice Bonifacio, Joshua Conner, Steven DeAvila,
Jayden Hatch, Jayden Knight, Daniel Martinez, Dirk McCoy, Jesse Norigega‐Jimenez, and Brandon
Suber. The players on the 8th grade team were: John Allbecker, Gregory Clavesilla, Robert Davis,
Daniel Garcia, Angel Gomez, Mohammad Godazandeh, Cohen Kang, Andrew Romero, and Elijah
The basketball teams played against Ruth Musser and Rancho Cucamonga Middle School. The 6th and
7th grade boys team managers were Kristen Mercado and Emily Janes, as for the 8th grade boys,
Ashley Rodriguez was the manager. Pamela Reyes and April Nguyen were the managers for the 6th
and 7th grade girls, Sasha Griffin and Kenya Castillo were the 8th grade girls team managers. The girls
coaches were Ms. Trudeau, Ms. Loring, Ms. Odom, and Ms. Villaescusa and the boys coaches were
Mr. Vigil, Mr. Misawa, and Ms. Staffieri.
A 6th grader playing for the first time this year, Daniel Martinez said," I like playing in front of
everyone and it feels good to do something I love," and 6th grade girl Mireya Rodriguez thinks that
being apart of a middle school basketball team," was great because I met new people on the team."
Kiana Josiah, a second year player said, " Playing on the basketball team helped improve my grades
because many great athletes focus on school just as much as sports, and I want to be a great athlete."
Another second year player, Dirk McCoy says," It makes me work harder and it keeps me in shape
both physically and mentally." Elijah Ruiz, who is in his last year here thinks that playing for CMS'
basketball team was "just fun and it was great learning how to be a better team player." 8th grader
Leslie Hacker says," Basketball this year at CMS was a great excuse to stay active during the school
year." This year, all of CMS' basketball players worked hard and had lots of fun.

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Students Take a Nap?

By: Courtney Neal & Katelynn Aguilar

Thousands of years ago, originating in Spain, people started taking naps through the hottest part of
the day to rest during the harsh climate when the sun was out. These naps were called siestas. Siestas
are usually taken in the afternoon after a meal. This began when the farmers in Spain took a break
because of the hot climate. Siestas actually go farther back in time to ancient Islam where napping
was recorded in the Islamic law. Speed up time and teachers at CMS are now considering letting their
students take naps during 5th period.
Teachers believe students are not getting enough sleep to be ready for learning the next day. While
school time is needed for learning, no learning can be done if students aren't focused. A period of
napping can re‐energize the students and regain their focus. Teachers are constantly seeing students
being sleepy and drowsy, this often lead to students to not paying attention. Studies have shown that
taking a nap from ten to twenty minutes helps people feel more awake along with concentrating and
better memory. Teachers believe that by letting their students take at least ten minute naps during
5th period, students will wake up more concentrated and focused, perhaps leading to an
improvement in grades.

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