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Anonymous Tips

Anonymous Tip is a Safe and Anonymous Reporting Service for Schools and Law Enforcement.  This is just one more way CMS is trying to help students report any school issue that they may not feel comfortable talking about to adults (ex. bullying, threats, etc.). Click on the link and follow the directions to report an incident directly to CMS.

Lost & Found

Please check the Lost and Found in the library. We donate the Friday before Thanksgiving,  the Friday before Spring Break and again at the end of school year.

Target Card

Take Charge of Education is a program run by Target stores to benefit schools. Through this program, 1% of all Target card purchases can be donated to Cucamonga Middle School. You purchase these items as you would normally, and a percentage goes to CMS. it is a simple and free fund raiser for our school.

Here is how it works:    

1) Call 1-800-316-6142 or visit to designate Cucamonga Middle School to receive the donation.

2) Use your Target card to purchase items at Target stores or online.

3) Target will donate 1% of your guest card purchases to Cucamonga Middle School. 

For more information, or if you do not have a Target guest card and would like one, please feel free to call 1-800-316-6142. Thank you for helping in the continuing efforts to make Cucamonga Middle School a great place to learn.

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CMS Mission Statement

In a safe, positive environment, all students will be challenged in the learning process by a staff that empowers independent thinkers and prepares them for high school and the global community


Central School District GATE Family Night

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Central School District (10601 Church Street, Suite 112)

MODIFIED DAY DISMISSAL (7:55am-12:24pm; Lunch, 12:24-12:40pm)

Tuesday, April 22-Friday, April 25

8th grade CMA/CST testing Tuesday, April 22 and Wednesday, April 23 (8am-9:05am)

April Cougar Claw

The Multi-Media staff is proud to share our April publication of the Cougar Claw for the 2013/14 school year.  Click on We hope you enjoy it!

Congratulations to the CMS February Citizens of the Month

City of Rancho Cucamonga Teen Activity Club

Summer Camp 2014

Summer Trips 2014


Aeries – Weekly Progress Email

Would you like to know how your child is doing in school but find that you are too busy to constantly check Aeries?  Aeries Parent Portal now has an option for you to receive a weekly progress email summarizing your child’s grades

1. Login to your account

2. On the right side of the toolbar select Options > Parent Notification Preferences

3. Make sure the top box ‘Receive Weekly Progress Email’ is checked off > select the date and time you would like to receive your email > Save.

The email you receive will include email links for each teacher and will show relevant updates for the week, which may include:

  • Attendance
  • Current Grade
  • Upcoming Assignments
  • Recently Adjusted Scores

If you have any issues or need assistance setting up your account please email or call (909) 927-8323.

Aeries Parent Portal Help

CMS has an API score of 833 11 point growth from 2012!

Way to go Cougars!

CMS Students Raising the Bar

157 CMS students (113 8th graders and 44 7th graders) RAISED the BAR on their 2013 CST test scores (  These students were able to raise their CST scores up by 25 points or more in one year! These students were invited to the STAR Dance to celebrate their 25 or more CST point growth! We recognized our students at the first Renaissance Rally for their achievement.  GREAT job students and keep up the hard work!

United States Youth Volleyball League

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The Cafeteria will no longer be accepting checks after April 18th for the remainder of the school year.
Posted by: Maureen Vass
Published: 4/9/14

Click Date for Event

Today: 4/19/14
4:00 PM The cafeteria will no longer be accepting checks for the remainder of the year

Bell Schedule 2013-2014

Cucamonga Middle School

Bell Schedule 2013-2014

Late Start Friday


Monday – Thursday

1st- 8:00-9:00

2nd – 9:04-10:00

3rd- 10:04- 11:00

1st lunch (8th grade) - 11:00-11:36

Grade 8 - 4th – 11:40- 12:36

2nd lunch (6th grade)- 11:34-12:10

Grade 6 - 4th- 11:04-11:34/12:14-12:36

3rd lunch (7th grade)- 12:00- 12:36

Grade 7 - 4th - 11:04- 12:00

5th- 12:40-1:36

6th- 1:40-2:36


Modified Day (Monday- Thursday)

1st- 8:00- 8:44

2nd- 8:48- 9:28

3rd- 9:32- 10:12

4th- 10:16- 10:56

5th – 11:00- 11:40

6th- 11:44- 12:24

Lunch- 12:24- 12:40


Inclement Weather (Monday - Thursday)

8th grade lunch- 11:00-11:27        

Tardy Bell 11:30

6th grade lunch -11:35-12:02        

Tardy Bell 12:05

7th grade lunch- 12:10-12:37        

Tardy Bell 12:40


Fridays - Late Start

Teacher report time 7:45

Teacher Collaboration-7:45 – 8:45

1st bell rings at 8:50

1st - 8:55-9:42

2nd- 9:46-10:33

3rd- 10:37-11:24

1st lunch - (8th grade) 11:24-12:04

2nd lunch - (6th grade) 11:48-12:28

3rd lunch - (7th grade) 12:14-12:54

Grade 8 - 4th- 12:08-12:54

Grade 6 - 4th - 11:28-11:48/12:32-12:54

Grade 7 - 4th - 11:28-12:14

5th- 12:58-1:45

6th- 1:49-2:36


Modified Day Fridays

Teacher report time 7:45

Collaboration- 7:45-8:45

1st bell rings at 8:50

1st –8:55-9:29

2nd- 9:33-10:04

3rd- 10:08-10:39

4th –10:43-11:14

5th – 11:18-11:49

6th – 11:53-12:24

Lunch- 12:24- 12:40


Inclement Weather Fridays

8th grade lunch- 11:27-1154             

Tardy Bell 11:57

6th grade lunch -11:54-12:21

Tardy Bell 12:24

7th grade lunch- 12:24-12:54            

Tardy Bell 12:58

1st Renaissance Rally 2013

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